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Acrylic skills & Sculpting
February 13th 10am - 4pm

Cost £100.00

Take your nail skills to the next level, learn how to do reverse application, pinching, apex’s, c-curves, sharpe smile lines and learn basic sculpting.

£100 (£30 deposit/admin fee to secure your place, this is none refundable or transferable, then the £70 balance is due no later than two weeks before the course)

If a cancellation is made after the two week cut off period, you loose full payment. it is none refundable or transferable. by booking onto the course and paying the fees you agree to these terms and conditions.

You will need a model and a full working gel or acrylic kit.


Cuticle pusher (recommend country girl)...
180 grit file (recommend nsi dura)
Duster brush/plush brush
Bonder or dehydrator (recommend nail pure plus)
Primer (recommend attraction primer)
Tips (recommend natural pro impressions advance smile)
Tip cutters
White, clear, pink, cover pink acrylic (recommend radiant white, crystal clear, extreme pink & rose blush)
Monomer (recommend attraction nsi)
Dappen dish (recommend nail team screw lid)
Acrylic brush size 8 or above (recommend crystal nails a8, extreme or nsi precision)
Pinching tool (recommend country girl)
150 grit file (recommend dura files)
Finishing gel (recommend glaze and go)
Cuticle oil (recommend nail team cuticle pens)

nail sculpting forms (nsi platinum recommended)

Can order through Fancy  Fingers

fancy fingers nail salon education and supplies