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Kate Taylor Nail Artist & Educator

Hi and Welcome to Fancy Fingers. I'm Kate, The Salon Owner and Educator at Fancy Fingers.
I have been doing nails now for a good number of years and always wanted to gain the highest skills possible to shine above all local competitors.
During the end of 2015 I was approached by one of my favourite nail idols Gemma Lambert and owner of The Nail Team and asked if I would like the opportunity to become a 'hand-picked' Educator for her new venture, as you could imagine this was beyond my wildest dreams. The path to becoming an educator was by no means an easy one, it has taken a lot of hard work not only achieving my teachers qualification but also sacarificing a lot of quality time with my family but without there help and support I wouldnt be able to follow my dreams. My passion for nails is not just doing nails any more its about passing on the knowledge and information to other nail techs through education.
I also believe that education should never stop and even though I am an educator I still attend as many courses as possible myself. You should never stop learning, and never stop dreaming and never stop pushing yourself!
In 2015 I decided to push myself a little further again and enter the world of competing, starting slowly with the views on entering them all and as I am a naturaly competitive person I do not want to stop till I've won them all.
2015 - Manchester Comp's - I achieved 3rd Place in pink and whites competition style nails
2016 - Birmingham Comp's - I achieved 1st Place and a fabulous trophy in pink and whites competition style nails photo shoots - theme - zodicas.
2017 - Will be updated as and when enter.

​Fancy Fingers is a Nail Salon based in the town of Prestatyn, North Wales, you can find all details in the contact section. 
At Fancy Fingers we offer a specialisted service in Nails like no other salon locally. Myself and the Team thrive at giving all off our clients a fantastic experience when getting there nails done. We offer all aspects of nail art and if you require something of a difference for a special occassion or just for a personal treat then we are more than happy to have a consulatation before your appointment to give us the chance of coming up with that 'something special' for you. My promise is that I will never do the exact same set of nails on another person and if requested, something will always be changed to alter the set and make them different.

fancy fingers nail salon education and supplies