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Extreme 4d acrylic nail art
March 26th 10am - 4pm

Cost £100.00

learn to create extreme 3d/4d acrylic including bows, roses, folded leaves, ribbons and more.

you will need you acrylic 3d qualification before attending this course.

kit list is everything you would use to create 3d acrylic plus some sculpting forms.

Course cost is £100, (£30 deposit, none refundable or transferable, then the £70 balance is due two weeks before.)
Deposit / admin fee required £30.00 none refundable or transferable
Balance due two weeks before the course

If a cancellation is made after the two week cut off period, you loose full payment. it is none refundable or transferable. by booking onto the course and paying the fees you agree to these terms and conditions.
fancy fingers nail salon education and supplies